Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dual Beast Master Jam

Minimal drone patch set up with 2 Beast Masters + tape loop.

 The Beast Master is a fully patchable sonic sound device consisting of the following modules:
* 12 out frequency divider with rate control ( goes from LFO rates to audio rates! )
* 11 in 1 out wave shaper / mangler / patter generator with Glitch knob.
* 5 Square wave oscillators each with an input and an output.
* 5 Channel mixer with 1/4" audio out
** Operates @ 9VDC

Sonic Forest

Sonic Forest ///// Fractal Sound Generator

Mini Sonic Forest

                                                      New noise devices for the shop!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sonic Architecture Lab

The Sonic Architecture Lab is a bonkers sound generator / drone / noise device. It's made up of 2 independent Quad Nand synths, 8 oscillators total. Each Nand synth has it's own power starve knob + there's a global power starve knob. In the center of the device there is a 20 point modulation patch bay. Each Nand synth has 5 outs and 5 ins. At the bottom of the device there are 4 attenuators.
The tops of the banana jacks also work as touch sensitive plates!! This could be the ultimate crackle box!

Beast Master

The Beast Master a fully patchable sonic sound device consisting of the following modules:
From Left to Right
*12 stage frequency divider with built in clock / rate control ( goes from audio rates into LFO rates )
*Wave mangler / shaper / pattern generator with glitch knob & on / off switch
*5 audio rate, square wave oscillators ( the one on the bottom goes into LFO rate territory ) each oscillator has an output and a control / sync input.
*5 channel mixer with 1/4" output.

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