Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sub Destruction

The Sub Destruction effect processor takes a signal at the input, amplifies it, then feds it into a frequency divider. The outputs are the first 4 sub octaves of the input frequency. You can mix the dry signal in and mix in any of the 4 sub divided signals. It basically destroys whatever you put into it.. 
It also has 4 feed back switches.

* 1/4" signal input
* Input Gain knob
* 1/4" output signal
* Dry signal volume
* 4 Sub octave outs each with volume control
* feedback switch for each sub out 
* DC power jack ( 9v center = - // sleeve = + )

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

XOR NAND the barbarian

XOR NAND Drone Lab. Comes with a battery power cable and 14 stackable banana patch cables.

* 4 Square wave oscillators
* 3 XOR gates ( each with 2 in's and 1 out )
* 3 NAND gates ( each with 2 in's and 1 out )
* 3 Channel mixer
* Passive LP filter switch for each mixer channel
* Power Starve knob
* 3 way variation switch
* 1/8" CV input ( Vactrol based )
* 1/4" audio output
*DC power jack ( 9v center = - // sleeve = + )

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

4 oscillator crackle box with light sensors

Modulating the light box with an external source.

4 Square wave oscillators feed 3 XOR's. The modulation input feeds the 3rd XOR. Can act like a bit crushing device when processing an external audio rate signal.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Digital meets Analog

The Heart of the Beast: 2 digital square wave oscillators feed a XOR gate.
The XOR gate is then treated by a dual transistor Wave Shaper / Distortion / Filter circuit. 
The wave shaper section can go into self oscillation. There is a CV input for the Gain and Bias controls. The middle section of the device is the power section, complete with power starve and a power feed touch sensor + some extras..

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PassiVac in 1U Tile format

PassiVac is a vactrol based, single channel voltage controlled attenuator. It requires no power! Just feed it CV. Sounds nice with minimal bleed. Works great with audio and cv. The top 2 jacks are the main in and out. They are bi directional. Both can either be the in or out. The bottom jack, across from the LED, is the CV in. 

* 1/8" input
* 1/8" output
* CV in LED
* 1/8" CV in

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