Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Beast Master V2

Beast Master Version 2. 

The Beast Master V2 is a fully patchable CMOS based synth device. It consists of the following modules. ( from left to right )

* 5 Square wave oscillators each with an output. 

* 10 stage frequency divider with rate control and rate switch, hi or low range. Each out is diode protected, so you can stack the outs and then route it to a destination, similar to an OR combiner.
Super fun for beat creation.

* Tap Recorder based on a 64 stage shift register. The tap recorders clock can be either of the first two outs of the frequency divider or it can be turned of, all selectable by a 3 way switch. To enter data into the shift register tap the red momentary switch, to remove data tap the black momentary switch. The Tap Recorder has a tap gate output + Red LED and an inversion output + Blue LED.

* XOR gates x4. Each XOR gate has 2 inputs and 1 output. Feed it 2 audio rate oscillators for ring mod type sounds. Daisy chain the channels together for heavy SONIC ARCHITECTURE!

* 3 Vactrol based VCA's. Each VCA has an input, output and a CV in + LED. 

* 5 channel passive mixer. 5 inputs 1 out. The first 2 channels have a LP filter switch.

Back panel:
* 1/4 audio out
* 9V dc power jack. Tip = - // sleeve = +
* Common Ground
**Easy patching with color coded banana jacks. 

Black jack = input
Red jack = output

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